About us

Pampering does not have to begin and end at a spa. You can have the same experience, in your own bathroom. Lather & Co. creates bath and body products to nourish and moisturize your skin, enhance your bathing experience, and engage your senses. Whether you choose our traditionally handcrafted bar soaps or our fragrance oils, you will want Lather & Co. to be a part of your daily ritual.

We understand the importance of having and maintaining beautiful skin. All our products begin with oils and butters that are known for their nourishing properties such as coconut, olive, cocoa and shea butter. We include natural additives such as clay, charcoal, milk, aloe vera juice, silk fiber and salt. The combination of all of these ingredients produces rich lathers and luxuries to help your skin look and feel brand new...and we do it all without the use of ingredients that are harmful to skin.

We've spent countless amount of hours formulating our bath and body recipes. Our soaps, scrubs and even our body souffles are handcrafted in small batches. The philosophy of a small batch centers around taking the time and care to create a product where every detail is considered - details that we know are important to you. Lather & Co. is committed to providing you with the best products. We continue to search for new ingredients, new formulations, and new fragrances to make sure you feel pampered - every day!